Is a blog that tries to merge the discussion about emerging sciences and technologies (If-ics) with Science Fiction (Sci-Fi). In the great hope of cross-pollination between the two topics.

If-ics – “If” as what could be and “-ics” meaning related to science.

Here it is all about science and technologies in the broadest sence. From the discussion of the minute details up to the grand philosophical schemes and there implications for mankind. It is time to start to forme the future we want to live in, now.

Sci-Fi – “Sci” as science and “Fi” meaning fiction (dah!)

Here it is all about science fiction, but mainly ideas, the pure form of science fiction. As of late I feel science fiction has taken a big down turn. It is not held in the high regards as I would like it to be. Yes I am a fan and I think it is about time to do something about it. That is why I want to discuss and promot the good stuff. But I am just one person not able to read everything. That is why I need your help. Let me know what you like, share what you want to see and read, what type of changes you want to to happen in science fiction.

Merging both topics

I hope that the spark that interested you in science fiction will also engage you in the discussion and raises your concern for the future in general. So that you will join us in forming our and your future.

And if you are a creator of new technologies, a philosopher of sciences, why not encapsulate your concerns and your thoughts in a gripping science fiction novel. Entertain your audience while engaging them.

People that walke both paths, science fiction author and scientist, entertainment and hard fact, are unfortunately scarce. Time to groom our own.

This blog was setup to change the future.

This statement is aspiration, inspiration and will be the reference point its success will be measured against.

The way we think of the future will come into beeing. That is why we need to promote the voices we want to here. Help them to be heard and let them lead to the actions we need to form the future we and our children want to live in.

The future is where we will spent the rest of our lives.

See you there.


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