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Hurray, the IF Magazine is online for everybody.

And so it began:

This is the first issue of a new science fiction magazine called IF. The title was selected after much thought because of its brevity and on the theory it is indicative of the field and will be easy to remember. The tentative title that just missed was BEYOND TOMORROW, but when we woke up one morning and couldn’t remember it until we had a coffee, it was summarily discarded.

first issue MARCH 1952

I really recommend you check it out. I know I will.

Not only because my favorite author Frederik Pohl was editor-in-chief when If-Magazine won the Hugo Award for Best Professional Magazine three times in a row (1966-1968). This makes him the only one who ever won the Hugo Award as an editor and a writer (as far as I know).

Technology: bringing the future of the past right in to your home. Free of charge.

Let’s become a sci-fi archeologist and dive into sci-fi stories of the past.


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IF Magazine is online
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