Answer to “The Danger of AI and the End of Human Civilization”

I just watched the … is this an interview? I don’t know? It is lengthy with 3h playtime and one is not really the wiser after the video. I’m in the process to figuring things out myself and to help

Widening Path into the Future

Widening Path into the Future – Cultural diversity in Science Fiction My collection of sci-fi novels is 260 books strong and is spanning from Adams to Zelazny (I’m missing I, Q, U and X, though. So, if somebody can suggest

IF Magazine is online

IF Magazine Hurray, the IF Magazine is online for everybody. And so it began: “This is the first issue of a new science fiction magazine called IF. The title was selected after much thought because of its brevity and on

Mining the Oort

Mining the Oort

Because I just finished the book “Mining the Oort” by Frederick Pohl, my favourite science fiction author by the way, and because of Philae’s landing on the Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko I would like to take a look at the feasibility of


I was looking for a science fiction book to review, the one that starts the series and also would actually kick-off the if-ics | sci-fi website (so far only if-ics, no sci-fi!). I stumbled over this little book in the

The No-Purpose AI

The No-Purpose AI The trouble with AIs I have recently watched a video where Rob Miles explains how a simple, single, general AI can screw mankind into oblivion by collecting stamps (<computerphile> – Deadly Truth about general AI). At the

Get your personal AI now!

Get your personal AI now! At the moment there is a discussion about the dangers of AIs and prominent people (Bill Gates, Elon Musk & Steven Hawkins) all very smart guys, all smarter than me at least, speak out to

Escape into the Age of Abundance

Escape into the Age of Abundance The third press briefing or how humanity will end I recently watched the “Third press briefing of the Arctic Methane Emergency Group (AMEG) held on Dec. 6, 2014 at the 20th annual Conference of

Why capitalism dies in 50 years

Why capitalism dies in 50 years It is time to put out one of my own crazy ideas. So far I have never heard the idea anywhere, which is exactly why I put it out there. First it is time

Nobody will buy self-driving cars

Nobody will buy self-driving cars The necessity for self-driving cars Ok, so to just make the reality check. Self-driving cars / vehicles are already here. It is no fiction anymore. The question is not if but when this will happen