Widening Path into the Future

Widening Path into the Future – Cultural diversity in Science Fiction My collection of sci-fi novels is 260 books strong and is spanning from Adams to Zelazny (I’m missing I, Q, U and X, though. So, if somebody can suggest

IF Magazine is online

IF Magazine Hurray, the IF Magazine is online for everybody. And so it began: “This is the first issue of a new science fiction magazine called IF. The title was selected after much thought because of its brevity and on

Mining the Oort

Mining the Oort

Because I just finished the book “Mining the Oort” by Frederick Pohl, my favourite science fiction author by the way, and because of Philae’s landing on the Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko I would like to take a look at the feasibility of


I was looking for a science fiction book to review, the one that starts the series and also would actually kick-off the if-ics | sci-fi website (so far only if-ics, no sci-fi!). I stumbled over this little book in the